29 Years Above Water

Today my husband and I celebrate our 29th year wedding anniversary and I have learned that even though there are some do’s and don’ts in marriage, there are no manuals on the right or wrong way to make your marriage work. Marriage is not a “one size fits all” type of relationship and sometimes we have to “break them in” before they finally fit. As children growing up, especially before the 90’s, our relationships were expected to evolve in a certain manner. First the expectation was love and dating, followed by marriage, babies, happily ever after and a million other cliches in between. The reality is, in today’s society life rarely follows that script and as a firm believer in God I’ll say that’s alright. He knows our hearts and loves us anyway.

When my husband and I first got married we didn’t know what to expect. We soon found out that marriage was much like swimming and with every passing day we were drifting further and further into the deep end. There were days when the mere weight of the responsibilities of marriage and family life became so overwhelming, we sometimes felt as though we were drowning and the maneuvering and routines to stay afloat were a daily challenge. Marriage is a team sport and if you can master the art of synchronized swimming, even better. We also had to quickly understand that it was perfectly okay being imperfect. Love is imperfect, and so is life. We are flawed human beings and the quicker we realized and accepted that, the happier our lives became. With the years came familiarity, lessons, clarity, deeper love and understanding.

So, today we celebrate 29 years, and great ones I might add. We have literally stood by each other through better and worse, richer and poorer, sickness and health and we totally accept that death too is a part of the cycle of life. But now we focus on living as we patiently look forward to our golden years and continuing to keep our heads above water.

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47 thoughts on “29 Years Above Water

  1. Happy anniversary to you both. The journey is filled with highs and lows and bumps in that road, but isn’t the life? Continue to tread above water and here’s to another 29!

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  2. Janice and Merrick I was there sharing in the crowd those well penned vows. I felt so appreciated as I hadn’t known the family long enough to even be invited. I was just another girl your brother cared to date and yet you guys made me a part of that festive occasion.
    I just love you both so much. You guys are kind, accepting, never judging, a rare commodity in a couple.
    Today I’m sending congratulations 🎊🎈🎉🍾 well seasoned.
    Here’s to 29 more years. Keep on chucking for God.
    Be His ambassadors,
    Stay close by His side,
    Walk and talk with Him.
    He has promised He’ll never LEAVE YOU NOR FORSAKE YOU and He has showed you myriads of times.
    To Merrick the mighty man of valor and
    Janice the jewel of Jesus forever.

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  3. Happy Anniversary Janice and Merrick!
    Perfectly said..perfect description of the unscripted art of relationships and marriage. Keep enjoying the journey with all its twists and turns.💕🥂💕🙏🏾

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  4. A very happy anniversary! You were a beautiful bride and are just as beautiful now. I think people expect a happily ever after once they’re married and don’t realise how much work goes into having a successful marriage. I wish you many amazing years ahead.

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  5. Happy Anniversary to you and Merrick! Beautiful photos. I love you guys and wishing you both many many more years of good health, love and happiness ❤️

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