Walking The Unfamiliar Road

Have you ever gone walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood? At the start of the walk everything is new and interesting but after a few feet in and with every new twist and turn you realize you have no idea where you are, but still, you keep walking. With every turn you feel more lost, you do not recognize any of the street names, you have no idea where they lead, you definitely don’t know how they’re connected, and you have no idea how to get home. Still, you keep walking looking for that familiar marker that will finally lead you home. Isn’t that life though? There will always be so many things in life that are unfamiliar, but that should never stop us from going. If we always stayed on the familiar path, we would miss out on new and exciting opportunities. Sometimes we will come to a “crossroad” where we will have to make decisions on just a leap of faith, praying they will work out, sometimes they will, sometimes they won’t. Getting lost is a part of life but we have to keep going because stopping would mean staying lost forever. So, let’s continue taking those new and unfamiliar “roads” and keep going until the unfamiliar becomes familiar.

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13 thoughts on “Walking The Unfamiliar Road

  1. To be completely honest, when I walk around in my neighborhood I keep seeing new things. I guess that every time I pay subconsciously attention to different things. Weird how the brain works!

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  2. I go for walks and drives, I enjoy the scenery, but I get lost often. The only way I can make an appointment on time, it to take the same path. But I enjoy getting lost. Life is that way, a journey. Love the message. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. I actually did get lost and ended up in an unfamiliar neighbourhood, at first I was terrified but I actually ended up making a friend. Taking unfamiliar roads in life is the best way to grow.

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