After August

Here we are again, at the end of yet another month. The start of August found me with my head still in the clouds, but there were beaches and blue skies, walks and wispy trees, sunshine and sushi, travels and delicious treats. With the end of August comes the start of fall and soon we will be looking forward to the holiday season.

As usual, please enjoy some of my memories of August and stay with me as we look to see what comes after.

Head still in the clouds

Country roads of Florida

Please help me name that tree

All roads lead to the beach

“Walking the plank 🀣?”

“Where the ocean meets the sky”

The air up there and below

One August night

It’s all about the plant life

Always the right time for sushi

A little ziti to top off the month

Vanilla custard strawberry sundae at Rita’sπŸ˜‹

Again, thanks for following along and welcome to the new readers of my blog. I wish you all the best as we move into September, hopefully together…Sincerely Jan!

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