The Blank Page

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We all come into this world kicking and screaming. Well, maybe not all of us, definitely not my middle son who made his grand entrance without a sound, eyes wide open and calculating, looking around as if asking “where am I and why the hell am I here?” There is one thing though that we undeniably all have in common as newborns and that is a clean slate; a blank page on which to write the stories of our lives. The question is “what will we write?” or even more pertinent for us who no longer identify as newborns, “what have we already written?”

Now I know as writers on this platform we all have the gift of eloquently writing our thoughts down on paper, or whatever tool of writing we choose to use these days, but more importantly, what are our life stories. Where have we been and what have we done? What have we already written on the blank pages slated to us the minute we were birthed into this world? What contributions have we made, what kind of person have we been, have we been decent and honest, have we respected and protected life, have we held our tongues, have we honored our fathers and our mothers, have we been kind, have we been faithful and supportive friends and partners, have we been forgiving, have we been loved, have we loved, have we been saved, how will we be remembered, will we be remembered, what legacy and memory will we leave behind?

At the very start our possibilities are endless but now we’re all at different stages of our lives. Some of us measure our worth by the things we have accomplished, others of us measure our worth by the deeds we have done.

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”

– Albert Einstein

As long as there is breath within us there is always a chance to make a difference; a chance to fill our blank pages with things meaningful and of value, or at the very least, the chance to make the one and only thing that really matters right. Think about it and ask yourself “where do I go from here?”

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