Adversity or Opportunity?

It’s only natural for us to want things to go well, nobody wants to struggle needlessly. We want our finances to flow, our relationships to work, and we all want to live good long healthy lives. We strive to be successful because we love being winners and we love all the attention and accolades that come along with winning. But let’s face it, sometimes “winning” brings out the vices in us. It makes us ugly, self-righteous, judgmental and sometimes even complacent in our success. We assume our success is guaranteed and we look down on others for not being able to “measure up”. Then adversity happens and things go awry, and we start asking ourselves “what happened?” and “why me?”. Often, it’s natural to try to find a scapegoat, someone anyone to blame for our misfortune. The fact is, most times it’s not even about what or whom is to be blamed, nor is it about what we did or didn’t do. I strongly believe adversities help to keep us honest. They keep our vices in check and give us opportunities to accentuate our virtues or “grow” some if we are devoid of them. If we can recognize these challenges for what they are or what they could be, then we would embrace them as opportunities to be better, opportunities to have some of our finest moments, even in the face of adversity. What better time is there for our determination, our strength, our human decency, and our resourcefulness to be on full display?

So, while adversities are crippling for some, others flourish, and view these seemingly insurmountable challenges as opportunities. Life will always be filled with ups and downs, successes and failures. Adversity allows us to learn, evaluate, correct, grow, and become better at life. In the end, no matter what the results are, we can be satisfied knowing we did our best and we fought to overcome without succumbing to pressure and negativity, and hopefully, we will also have learnt some valuable lessons in humility, grace and persistence and have refined our character so that the next time an opportunity presents itself disguised as an adversity, we will be even better ready to tackle it.

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15 thoughts on “Adversity or Opportunity?

  1. This is such a great post. Dealing with adversity in a positive way is something I have been working on in therapy recently because I tend to be more of a pessimist and sometimes adversities have a crippling effect on me. I have been trying harder to view things in a more positive light though and it is helping to an extent.

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    1. Glad therapy is working Pooja. With the way this world is going, it is easy for us to be pessimists but go easy on yourself because you do bring a lot of positivity and information to this platform 😊. Thanks for your input!

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