October’s Colors of Change

For me, no other month epitomizes change more than October does. With the change in season, October is the month the colors of fall are most visible and my last trip to the park revealed most of the greens of the trees had been replaced by hues of yellow, orange and red. Now they standContinue reading “October’s Colors of Change”

Abuse or Harmless Prank?

Now it’s October and a lot of us love Halloween. As a child I loved a good scare. I lived for the rush of my heart pounding in my chest and adrenaline coursing through my veins as I anxiously awaited the latest scary thing to pop off. When it finally did, I would scream andContinue reading “Abuse or Harmless Prank?”

We Lit Up the Night

Last night along with a few family members and close friends we took part in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s annual Light the Night Fundraiser. We literally lit up the night with lanterns and fireworks in an effort to raise funds to advance cures and provide support for people currently undergoing the fight against variousContinue reading “We Lit Up the Night”

Information Overload Day

Well today is Information Overload Day. This is a day for us to take a step back from all the information we are bombarded with on a daily basis. But no information means no fun and no fun makes us all dull boys and girls. Now where have I heard something like that before? So,Continue reading “Information Overload Day”

My Mug Obsession

Am I the only one with an obsession for mugs? Every time I go into Marshall’s they keep calling my name. There are mugs for moms and pops, husbands and sweethearts, co-workers and friends. Since I have all of these…well maybe not the sweetheart…and maybe not the co-workers either…but I still do have plenty ofContinue reading “My Mug Obsession”

The Faces of Aging

There are many feelings that come along with the aging process. Our personal acceptance or unacceptance of it is based on societal factors as well as who we are, what we’re feeling and our willingness to accept certain truths about our changing bodies. Those who view the glass as half full will say it’s aContinue reading “The Faces of Aging”

Tales from the Closet

Every year with the changes in season I find myself digging through my overstuffed closet literally turning its contents upside down. Sweaters and warmer pieces naturally shuffled to the bottom of the shelf to make way for summer are once again being promoted to the top of the unruly pile as fall starts to takeContinue reading “Tales from the Closet”