Tales from the Closet

Every year with the changes in season I find myself digging through my overstuffed closet literally turning its contents upside down. Sweaters and warmer pieces naturally shuffled to the bottom of the shelf to make way for summer are once again being promoted to the top of the unruly pile as fall starts to take root. There’s no denying my closet is cramped and congested and there are pieces of clothing suspended “hanger-lessly” somewhere beneath and in between other pieces that I wear only in my head because just the mere thought of searching for them is physically exhausting. Now let’s be clear, I’m not a hoarder by any means; in fact, I’m reasonably able to limit my attachment to “stuff”, especially other people’s useless stuff. In my household, I can never understand why I’m often chastised for being too quick to ditch things I deem no longer useful or needed. They should be thanking me really, because if left to their own vices we would all be overwhelmed by clutter.

The clutter in my closet though admittedly self-inflicted is understandable. First of all, in New York with the size and cost of real estate, ample closet space is just not a priority for most when building houses, so limited capacity is out of my control. Still others might argue that over the years I may have taken advantage of too many “irresistible” sales, been too easily coerced into “must haves”, and yeah, they’ll try to argue that maybe I just didn’t try hard enough to fight the urge to buy a new outfit for every occasion. Like a movie star but without the title or even any acting roles, I have almost 20 years of cocktail dresses, most worn only once, stuffed somewhere in my closet. Trust me there’s a valid reason for this but that’s a topic for another blog. So, as you can guess, with limited capacity and constant inflow over the years, things do tend to add up. But unlike the other occupants of my house, all my stuff is good stuff.

So, tell me, can you blame me and am I the only one with an over cramped closet? Don’t tell me you’re all impervious to the temptations of shopping. Still, in an effort to do better I have made a resolution, no more cocktails dresses although that one should be easy to do given the fact that nobody goes anywhere anymore. But just in case we do, I’ll be recycling the ones I already have just as long as they still fit and are still in style of course. The other will be a little harder to do especially with my birthday and the holiday season coming up. I vow not to purchase another piece of clothing for the rest of this year. My closet will surely thank me, and I’ll let you all know how it all turns out!

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27 thoughts on “Tales from the Closet

  1. My closet is soooo overstuffed. I decided to give away a lot of the clothes this year because I knew I wasn’t going to wear them. My closet is quite small too and there’s only so much I can get into it 😭


  2. I share your sentiments my friend. I need not another piece of clothing. I can literally wear a different outfit everyday without repeating for the year. However, I normally stick to the familiar, or should I say the ones in sight. I will be your accountability partner. No more shopping for the year!!.🤞🏾

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  3. Guess I’m in the same predicament. No matter how I tell myself this is the last, I end up yielding to the temptation of purchasing more unnecessary clothing. Guess it’s a woman’s thing.

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  4. Trust me, you’re not the only one with a cramped closet! I don’t shop that much, and I do weed out old clothes regularly, but my closet is still cramped. I think that’s why they build new houses with such large closets. But we live in an old house, sadly.

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  5. My closet is cramped. I was going through it today, moving the fall winter clothes to the front and summer clothes to the back. Where I live in Texas, we never really put away the summer clothes as the temperatures can rise very quickly. I also have my clothes divided into work clothes for outside; casual clothes and dress clothes. My husband wears the same clothes regardless of the season. The newer clothes or less faded he wears for dressier occasions. My husband’s son will rival any woman on how much closet space is needed for clothing. He has a huge walk in closet for his clothes only, his wife puts her clothes in their sons’ much smaller closet.

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  6. Oh, I totally get this. The struggle is real. I’m not a hoarder with anything else, but I seem to be with my clothes. It takes me years to get rid of any of them even though I don’t even wear half of them because, like you said, I can’t be bothered to even begin to dig for them. 🤣

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