I Am October!

The people who are closest to me will understand and agree when I say October is my favorite month of the year. Besides the seasonal things that excite and delight us like the arrival of the pumpkin patch, the coloring of fall, spicy scents, wreaths being hung from doors, and all the other joys that come along with the onset of fall, for me, there is no other emotion that takes greater root within me than the feeling of expectation. There is something that is just so very expectant about October and the impending holiday season. October is akin to a gift just before opening or the start of a vacation where you’ve just arrived at your port of destination and the possibilities are endless. Those brief moments where everything is un-spoilt and unknown and the realities of all your dreams and expectations are yet to unfold.

This is how I feel about October, the month of my birth, but in addition today some things are clearer and my resolve a whole lot firmer. After over half a century on this earth I’ve experienced many small memorable moments and I’ve endured some life changing events, and I believe I have earned the right to assert that I am different, brand new second hand. With this assertion about myself I have made some decisions. Decisions about my life, the people and things that impact me, the things I will tolerate and the ones I no longer will. October signifies change, I am October! There’s no time for dwelling in the past and I’ve decided this new year around the sun will not only be different, it will also be better. For starters, I’ll count my many blessings and I’ll celebrate this month of October like it’s nobody’s business.

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19 thoughts on “I Am October!

  1. I love October and the coolness and colors that comes along with, not to mention the anticipation of my favorite month, my birth month December and favorite time of the year – CHRISTMAS – all the goodness that comes along with it!! Happy October & birthday to you – blessings for many more fun & healthy ones!!

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  2. October is the month of change, and the beginning of celebrations. I love the color changes. Happy Birthday. I really like the phrase “I have earned the right to assert that I am different, brand new second hand”. Thank you for sharing an exciting and encouraging post.

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