My Mug Obsession

Am I the only one with an obsession for mugs? Every time I go into Marshall’s they keep calling my name. There are mugs for moms and pops, husbands and sweethearts, co-workers and friends. Since I have all of these…well maybe not the sweetheart…and maybe not the co-workers either…but I still do have plenty of reasons to buy a mug. Did I mention there are mugs for all different holidays and mugs for everyday and they’re all so darn cute they’re so hard to refuse. These stores know exactly how to get us too. They place them right by the check-out lines so you can stare at them as you pass by, and the more I stare at them, I swear they just somehow magically end up in my cart. As a result, I have bought too many mugs in my lifetime, most for me and some for everybody else. Yeah, I admit, I do have a mug obsession but today I did not indulge. Instead, I took a few pictures and I’m feeling proud of myself.

Happy Tuesday and Happy October… Sincerely Jan!


38 thoughts on “My Mug Obsession

  1. I just love how you have justified your mug obsession by mentioning there are mugs for all different holidays. Totally justifed and practical then, eh! lol

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  2. You are not alone! My sister has a mug obsession which is awesome because it makes finding a gift for her easier when I have run out of ideas ๐Ÿ™ˆ. She is always delighted by a few new additions to her mug collection. ๐Ÿ˜

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  3. I understand your obsession! I am the only one in the house that uses a coffee mug, and I have more coffee mugs than one person should have. Some were gifts, but many I bought. I tend to buy coffee mugs when I travel. Of course, it has to feel good in my hands. I like the one that says, “Good morning, Pumpkin.”

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