Information Overload Day

Well today is Information Overload Day. This is a day for us to take a step back from all the information we are bombarded with on a daily basis. But no information means no fun and no fun makes us all dull boys and girls. Now where have I heard something like that before? So, since we know that is never going to happen, instead of going totally mum, we’re going to have some fun on this here Information Overload Day. Allow me to stimulate your senses with 10 somewhat weird, wacky, interesting, fun facts I learned through Reader’s Digest. I promise this will be good overload so let’s jump right in!

01 – Prior to the invention of toilet paper, Americans used to use corn cobbs for you know what. Eww gross…sorry for getting down and dirty right from the very start, but I thought “what better way is there to capture your eyes and ears.”

By: Thrive Cuisine

02 – Lobsters taste with their feet …

By: Wild Fork Foods

…and I eat them with my mouth. Thank God my teeth aren’t located in one of three stomachs like theirs are.

03 – While we’re still on the topic of bottom feeders, did you know octopuses have three hearts? Gives a whole new meaning to the term, “cold-blooded hearts”.

By: Walls Desk

04 – A Blue Whale’s tongue can weigh as much as an elephant. I guess for them there’s no “holding their tongues”.

By: Mental Floss

05 – Sloths can hold their breaths for up to 40 minutes. That’s actually longer than a dolphin that actually lives in the ocean but has to come up for air every 10 minutes. My only question is, why Mr. Sloth? Talk about mixed up priorities.

By: No Limit Adventures

06 – Flamingos bend their legs at the ankles, not the knees. Their knees are located closer to their bodies and are usually not visible since they’re covered by their feathers. Think I’ll hold my tongue on this one. Why? Because I can!!!

By: Flickr

07 – Roller coasters were first invented to distract Americans from sin…

By: Vistapointe

…mission failed! One could say it was doomed from the very start.

08 – In 1939 Adolph Hitler was nominated for a Noble Peace Prize. The Swedish politician who nominated him withdrew his nomination; it was done in irony…duh!

By: Shimepun

09 – The Empire State Building in NYC has its own zip code. I wonder how many New Yorkers actually know this. I wasn’t one of them.

10 – Try as you may, but you cannot hum while holding your nose…

… bet a lot of you are holding your noses right now.

I hope you enjoyed reading these weird, wacky, fun facts as much as I did writing them. I’m having a hoot this October…Sincerely Jan!


16 thoughts on “Information Overload Day

  1. I know a couple of those, thanks to the time I used to be in the quiz team, so would read almanacs and encyclopedia for fun 🤣 I am still amazed at some of the things I find I still randomly know, used to be like a walking Google 💻talk about information overload 🤣


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