October’s Colors of Change

For me, no other month epitomizes change more than October does. With the change in season, October is the month the colors of fall are most visible and my last trip to the park revealed most of the greens of the trees had been replaced by hues of yellow, orange and red. Now they stand all transformed like images in a coloring book, all vibrant and colorful, isn’t nature amazing? I never grew up in a country with different seasons hence before the age of seventeen I never experienced the changing of the trees. Seeing this will aways be something I appreciate.

Yesterday was also my birthday, another year and many changes that brought me to this point and many more changes ahead. Two more months to go before the last digit of the year changes from two to three, but until then we look forward to November and all the festivities it brings.

Thanks for following my blog…Sincerely Jan!


32 thoughts on “October’s Colors of Change

  1. Happy belated birthday! The colors of love, that changes with the Autumn Hue! 53 + 1, sounds familiar, I’m sure I’ll remember why, in the coming days! πŸ€” Blessings to you, seems we have, more than a birth country in common!

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  2. I am sorry I am a but late, I couldn’t read your(and a few other fellow’s) blogs lately as I was in emotional n mental turmoil..
    But I want to wish you belated Happy Birthday.. Hope you had a joyous one.. Have a beautiful life ahead.. β€πŸ’«πŸ˜πŸ˜

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