True to My Word

Last Saturday night I attended my high school’s NY Alumni Chapter’s annual fundraiser. I went to high school in Jamaica and yes, it’s true a lot of us migrated to different ends of the earth after high school, but in our blood we’re always Jamaicans, sons and daughters of its soil. We understand our school, our “little beacon on a hill” has cemented our foundations and we reciprocate by consistently giving our support. Events such as the one I attended on Saturday provide us with opportunities to reunite with old friends while fundraising for our old alma mater. Prior to the last four years where I was restricted by the threat of Covid and a bout with AML, I have attended this event religiously without fail for over twenty years.

Which brings me to a lighter note and the reason for this blog. Over twenty years of attendance has added up to over twenty cocktail dresses. In one of my previous posts about my closet I mentioned most of these dresses have been worn only once and are now occupying space in my already cluttered closet. Somehow along the way I had gotten caught up in the hype that wearing an outfit more than once violated some unspoken “fashion code”. Luckily, one of the good things about getting older is that sometimes we get smarter or is it that we find smarter things to do with our money? Anyway, in the previous post I resolved never to buy another cocktail dress, not as long as I could find one in my closet that still fits and is still in style of course.

So as a follow up, for this year’s reunion, as promised, I wore a dress I had already worn to the reunion in 2014. My girlfriend of forty years below also wore a dress she already had in her closet for a number of years. There were no stares, well actually there were, but those were for different reasons, the fashion police did not make an appearance, we saved ourselves some money, we felt amazing in our recycled dresses, and I stayed true to my word.


26 thoughts on “True to My Word

    1. Both schools on a hill, but I’m more east and more country, Morant Bay 🤣. Ten years, c’mon you’ll all look the same, try thirty-eight years🤣. Enjoy your reunion and remember shop in your closet if you can 😊.

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  1. You look absolutely stunning! 😍 And that dress is far too beautiful to be worn once.

    I think we definitely get smarter with money as we get older. When I was in my early twenties, I couldn’t bring myself to wear anything more than once because all the pictures got posted on Facebook. I couldn’t care any less now. Funny how we think when we’re younger, isn’t it?

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