What, No Thanks for Thanksgiving?

I remember a time when Thanksgiving was a holiday that was deeply revered. We all understood this was a special time for giving thanks with family and friends with the overindulgence on turkey and stuffings an added bonus. Typically, this meant all the rituals and decorations for Christmas were reserved until after Thanksgiving. For years that was the unspoken rule, Thanksgiving first, Christmas after. However, for the last few years it seems all the lines have been blurred and Christmas has been coming to town earlier and earlier than before. By early November, Christmas decorations and lights are everywhere, Santas are already perched in malls holding reluctant babies captive, meanwhile there is nary a turkey in sight nor any mention of the word Thanksgiving. What’s disconcerting is Black Friday threatening to overshadow and commercialize our day of thanks. Merchants obsessed with making a profit, who had already backed their Black Friday bargains into Thanksgiving’s Thursday, have now claimed the entire month of November and preoccupied shoppers have proven they’re willing to trample each other for “the best steals” even if it meant reneging on Thanksgiving. Somehow, we have become so obsessed with “getting” we have forgotten the true meaning of Thanks “giving”.

While I have never been to a Black Friday sale on a Thursday or hardly any other day for that matter, for the past two years I too have been guilty of putting up my Christmas tree before Thanksgiving. The tree for me sets the tone for the holidays and what is to come, still Thanksgiving in my house receives all the reverence and respect it deserves. It is our time reserved for being surrounded by friends and family while being thankful, how about you?

Last year’s tree

31 thoughts on “What, No Thanks for Thanksgiving?

  1. I appreciate the point you make and well said. However we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Australia but thank you for inflicting this whole Black Friday deal craziness on us anyway

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  2. Of course, you techie would do Cyber Monday. Thanks, that’s my tree from last year I just can’t seem to recall where I stored my star and a few other decorations from last year 😊.


  3. I also hate how the commercial Christmas season begins in early November now! Thanksgiving is getting somewhat overlooked in it all, and yet it is an important holiday. We need to be reminded of what we’re grateful for, I think. But I say, if you want to put your tree up a bit early, go for it….and it’s a beautiful one, by the way!

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  4. Growing up in Malaysia, we were never too big on Thanksgiving, but we’d put up our tree around this time too. It’s just a great way to usher in the season, and since decorating requires a bit of effort, it’s best to get it done sooner.

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  5. Thanksgiving is not a thing here, but I think it’s a lovely celebration. I hope you and your family have a lovely Thanksgiving. Happy thanksgiving! ❤️🙏🏾

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  6. Merchants have had Christmas up before Thanksgiving for years. This year there was Christmas decorations being placed on shelves before Halloween had arrived in our local Wal-Mart. Sadly, all holidays have become about money and getting, losing their intended purpose of keeping our minds focused on the true treasures in life.

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