It’s A Christmas Countdown – Day 12

As of today, there are exactly twelve days until Christmas, and I woke up this morning with the crazy idea of having a Christmas Countdown.

Every day, until Christmas Day, I will be sharing something Christmas related and, in number of that day. I know I will probably struggle with this but hey that’s what a challenge is for, right? Guess I will just need to be creative.

In that spirit, today I’m going to start off easy with myself, after all I only woke up with this crazy notion today. So, I will kick off this countdown by celebrating the 12 months of this blog. I started blogging around Christmas last year and 12 months later it’s Christmas time again, hence yeah it fits into my Christmas countdown. Here are my top 12 most viewed posts of the year.

01 – Love Letter to My Husband
02 – From Pockets to Heart
03 – My Giant
04- Humble Beginnings
05 – Breaking It to Me Gently
06 – 29 Years Above Water
06 – Revelations
07 – Self Reflection Before Resolution
08 – Farewell Jamaica
09 – Fear, Ego, Truth & Love
10 – All the Way in or All the Way Out
11 – The Hungry Sister
12 – Tribute to My Dad on Father’s Day Weekend

So, stick around with me as I countdown the rest of the 12 days to Christmas. I promise going forward, I’ll try to be as creative, as “Christmastie” and as fun as I possibly can, and remember don’t just count down the days, make the days count…Sincerely Jan!



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Christmas Day


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