Countdown to Christmas – Day 9

Today we are 9 days away from Christmas and if you ask me, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” for a Christmas song countdown.

Today on the 9th day before Christmas I truly give to you, 9 of my favorite Christmas songs in order of preference, starting from my favorite to my most favorite. I hope you enjoy and go ahead and sample some of those tunes, they’re sure to put you in a good mood.

09 – Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
Somebody’s been “awfully” good for Christmas. Go on with your bad self, Eartha!

08 – Oh Holy Night – Josh Groban
Beautifully captures the true meaning of Christmas.

07 – It’s beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas – Johnny Mathis
This old classic is a favorite for many, needs no explanation.

06 – This Christmas – Chris Brown
What can I say, Chris is my guy. Check out his moves.

05 – Last Christmas – Wham
Ok, I admit, I have some guilty feelings for George Michael, RIP.

04 – All I want for Christmas is You – Kelly Clarkson
Her voice is sexy, sultry, love it…Kelly’s bad🔥🔥.

03 – All I Want for Christmas is You – Mariah Carey
Kelly Clarkson’s good, but Queen Mariah still reigns with this one.

02 – Someday at Christmas – Izzo
Powerful remake of Stevies’s classic, lyrics are never more relevant than today. Very short clip, definitely worth a listen.

01 – Merry Christmas to You – Nat King Cole
This old classic by Nat King Cole never grows old, will warm our hearts forever.

So, we’ve gone from yesterday’s chocolate treats to these 9 classy carols on this 9th day until Christmas. I invite you to join me tomorrow as we count down the 8th day before Christmas. Remember don’t just count down the days, make the days count…Sincerely Jan!



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Christmas Day


10 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas – Day 9

  1. Oh, I love this! They’re all really great choices, and I probably would have put them in a similar order, but Mariah would be my favorite; that song really puts me in the Christmas spirit. 🎄🎁🎉

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  2. Love them all..found a station on XM Radio with the soulful Christmas songs. Heard some from Patti, Teddy, Peabo and Roberta that I’d never heard before. I got hooked as I was driving a lot the last few days..kept me mellow in the traffic .😍


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