Countdown to Christmas – Day 6

Now we’re halfway through the countdown and today we are just 6 days away from Christmas. So, today on this 6th day before Christmas, I truly give to you 6 flowers and plants that are popular during Christmas time.

Now I know we all love our flowers and plants. Around this time, we start hanging all the mistle toe and start getting to know each other better. Flowers are one of the best ways to bring any occasion alive. Roses are presented to lovers during Valentines, peonies are popular at weddings, and tulips with their elegance and poise can be a sight to behold during Easter. Of course, Christmas is no exception and there are 6 flowers and plants that are most popular during this time.

01 – Poinsettias
Now I know it is no surprise to you that Poinsettias are very popular during Christmas time. They are very bright and festive and are commonly used as a living breathing form of decoration during the holiday season and even after.


02 – Holly
Hollies have been popular during the Christmas season since ancient times because they never seemed to die, hence became a sign of good luck. They are forever green, and the little red berries fit perfectly into the decor of Christmas.

03 – Mistletoe
Well, I know this needs no explanation. Hands up if you’ve never been kissed under the mistletoe.


04 – Yew
Yew again? No seriously, because they are green with red berries, like the Holly, they are perfect as decorations during Christmas time.

05 – Ivy
Ivies are plants that symbolize new growth and are believed by some to bring good luck by warding off evil spirits. They are popular for the making of Christmas wreaths.


06 – Douglas Fir
Douglas Firs make great Christmas trees. Not only are they beautiful when decorated but they give off a delightful aroma.

So, there you go, from Kwanzaa on the 7th day to counting down the top 6 flowers and plants of Christmas on this 6th day until Christmas. Do you have any of these in your homes right now? Join me tomorrow as we count down the 5th day until Christmas and remember don’t just count down the days, make the days count…Sincerely Jan!



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Christmas Day


9 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas – Day 6

  1. I think hollies are so pretty dressed on the table. But I always have to settle for artificial because there’s never any left when I go to get them. 😏

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