Countdown to Christmas – Day 4

With only 4 days left in the countdown, Christmas is almost here. For today’s countdown I’ve decided to share four of my stories from Christmases past. The last few years have been very impactful for my family so, on this 4th day before Christmas, I’ll share 4 of those Christmases with you.

01 – Christmas 2018

This picture was taken in December of 2018, four months after a couple of extended stays in the hospital due to AML and two stem cell transplants. After being mostly cooped up during 2018, I remember jumping at the opportunity to attend the 50th birthday party of one of my oldest and dearest friends. It’s funny how with a little make up, a smile, and the right posturing a person can hide how they’re truly feeling. The truth was, during the trip and even before I left NY for Florida, I had started feeling sick. I was definitely not physically well for that trip, but I really wanted to go, and the doctor filling in for my doctor had okayed it. Well due to issues that had been brewing even before the trip started, I wound up spending that Christmas and the early part of the New Year in the hospital and ICU. In hindsight did I make the wrong choice? Who knows or even cares, the Lord had my back. I was happy to have spent the time with my friend on her birthday and four years later these are all experiences that made me and my family stronger today.

02 – Christmas 2019

My mom, me, friend and sister

A year later in 2019 my family, like the rest of the world, was merrily going about the business of Christmas totally oblivious to the wrath that Covid was about to unleash upon the world. Sure we saw what was happening in China, but that seemed so remote from us. Turns out, Christmas of 2019 with my family in our matching pajamas would be the last time we celebrated together for over a year. In fact, after the holidays we rarely saw each other. With my parents back home in Jamaica and everyone all over the world under lockdown, all the bells and whistles of the following 2020 Christmas were cancelled and we spent the Christmas holidays separated.

03 – Christmas 2021

By the end of 2021, the world was back in business and a member of our family entered a new chapter of her life. My mother-in-law retired shortly before Christmas, her company threw her a big shindig, and her grandchildren and the rest of the family were all there to support and congratulate her. A few days later our family celebrated Christmas together just as we had done in years prior to 2020.

04 – Christmas 2022

UConn’s Dairy Barn

Last Sunday after three and a half years, we took our last drive up to the University of Connecticut. My husband and I have taken that journey numerous times picking up and dropping off our son at school and attending his soccer games. Now his days at UConn are over and it’s bittersweet. For the final time we packed up all his stuff, loaded up the cars and said goodbye, but not before stopping once more at the dairy barn. I have photographed that old barn numerous times, but it is never more beautiful than at Christmas time. Farewell UConn and Merry Christmas!

So today on the 4th day before Christmas we have counted down 4 of my last Christmases. Join me tomorrow as we count down the 3rd day until Christmas and remember don’t just count down the days, make the days count…Sincerely Jan



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Christmas Day


10 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas – Day 4

  1. Such beautiful stories filled with so many emotions. At the end of the day, we can see that what really matters is not the material thing. Rather it’s health, love, joy, peace and sharing all these with the people we love.

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