Countdown to Christmas – Day 3

Now there are only 3 days left before Christmas and today I’m counting up my 3 sons. My sons are a blessing and a gift to me and my husband at Christmas time and every other day of the year.

So, today I truly give to you our three imperfectly perfect sons whom we love dearly.

Son #01

This is my eldest, he came into this world a kicking and a screaming. I’m told his mouth was opened so wide it just about covered his entire face. He’s a dreamer who’s gentle, charming, smart and kind. Loves, life, leisure and creating music and of the three, the closest replica of his dad.

Son #02

This is my middleman. He came into this world with not a sound, looking around, calculating, as if trying to figure, where the hell am I? Today he’s a mover and a shaker who’s always a plotting and a planning. He’s very creative and smart and with that pretty face wouldn’t you agree he’s all me?

Son #03

This is my youngest, my “wash belly“ as we Jamaicans would say. Don’t ask me how he came into the world. By the third time around I was too tired to find out. He’s a smart, spiritual, athletic, determined young man who’s always on a mission. Game face always on and who does he look like, that’s soon to be determined.

So there, my 3 sons on this 3rd day before Christmas. All from no other mother but me. All the same but very different people with very different personalities and I love them all the same. Please join me tomorrow as the countdown continues to the second day before Christmas and remember don’t just count down the days, make the days count.



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Christmas Day


16 thoughts on “Countdown to Christmas – Day 3

  1. They are handsome sons. It is amazing, how children raised in the same house are so very different. My four children are as different from each other as night and day, yet each a very special individual. You and your husband should be proud of them.

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