Countdown to Christmas – Day 2

Today we’re only 2 days away from Christmas, ONE, TWO. It’s Christmas Eve’s Eve. I’ve gone from counting houses to chocolate, Kwanzaa to Christmas and numerous others in between, and now I find myself searching for that feature most worthy of this number two countdown spot.

When I think about some of the times when I was most happy at Christmas, I sometimes go back to the innocent, unspoiled days of my childhood. The days when Christmas was simple and easy, and the focus was only on family and enjoying the true spirit of Christmas.

So, today on this second day before Christmas, I give to you two of my favorite childhood memories of Christmas.

#01 – The Spirit of Christmas

My favorite childhood memories of Christmas always begin with Christmas Eve. When I was growing up Christmas was never about frenzied shopping and stacking gifts under a tree. In fact, most Christmases we didn’t have a tree nor were there any expectations of gifts for that matter. It just wasn’t a thing for most people in Jamaica at that time. Instead, on Christmas Eve I remember the scent of hams roasting in ovens all over our neighborhood, mixed with the aroma of rum cake from late minute bakers like my busy mom sometimes was. All us children in the neighborhood were bouncing with excitement. My dad played Christmas songs on the stereo and my sister, brother and I were so happy and expectant about the day to come. We never believed in Santa Claus and if by chance he really did exist, he never made a stop at our house and as far as I could tell, nor that of most of the other kids in our neighborhood. But that was okay, because on Christmas Day we would get dressed up and eat and drink and spend quality time with family and close friends, and for us that was the true spirit of Christmas.

#02 – Starlight at Christmas

Black Doctor Image

Growing up in Jamaica star lights were the only fireworks I was accustomed to seeing. My dad would hand us each a stick, he would light the ends and we would hold it in the air as the white light burned and sparkled as it moved dangerously close to our little fingers. We would continue lighting, holding and watching the sparkles as the entire pack was lit and fizzled away. Oh, the giggles and laughter that filled the dark Christmas night sky. I haven’t thought about star lights in years. I wonder if they are still a thing with children in Jamaica at Christmas time.

So there, on this second day before Christmas, I have re-counted two of my childhood memories of Christmas. Please join me tomorrow as the countdown continues to Christmas Eve and remember don’t just count down the days, make the days count.



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