Self-Reflection Before Resolution

Usually with the upcoming New Year people start making declarations of things in their lives they would like to change. We think of dusting off and recycling those same old resolutions that we have abandoned numerous times before. We resolve to lose weight, exercise more or travel the world…AGAIN. However, by the end of the following New Year, we are still walking around with those extra pounds, our treadmills are buried under the weight of old clothes, and we still have not travelled anywhere outside of our city block.

Read original post from December 16, 2021.


9 thoughts on “Self-Reflection Before Resolution

  1. Really interesting way of looking at resolutions. I try to go through my years resolutions at the end of the year and see what worked out and what didn’t. And then I go from there and try to improve and change things accordingly.

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  2. I read in several places that 41% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions, only 9% of them follow through and make a change. It is easy to say we want to change. Most changes require a change in lifestyle or habits.

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