A Little New Year Inspirational Motivation

Christmas has come and gone and has taken all the warm and fuzzy feelings of the holidays with it. Once again, the ball has completed its obligatory ten second jaunt down the pole in the middle of Times Square to hundreds of screaming fans, and our free passes to overindulge have thankfully been rescinded. The few remaining days of last year are now gone, swept up in a sea of confetti and conveniently ushered out the door. So long 2022!

So, now it’s 2023 and we’re back to the business of reality, now what?

I would argue that the new year with all its renewals and resolutions, has earned the right to that brand new, fresh start feeling that most of us have instinctively come to feel at the beginning of the new year. Yet some, whether because they are unwilling or unable to, see the new year as just a continuation of prior years past, good or bad, no stops nor starts. Now of course there is nothing wrong with this approach, it’s factual and it’s a healthy reminder that time marches on uninterrupted and that life is a continuous stream of opportunities with hits and misses, therefore it’s very important that we “seize the day” and make the most of the hand we’re dealt at any given point in time.

But unfortunately, the new year also finds some of us dissatisfied with our lives. What is not healthy is us beating ourselves up about where we are and where we believe we could have or should have been at this point in our lives, especially as the baton passes from one year to yet another. Sure, it’s normal for us to sometimes feel apprehensive about the future. But apprehension without action is pointless and even worse is us measuring ourselves by someone else’s timeline and finding ourselves lacking.

So, if you’re feeling sad and a little behind because of the new year, remember, “everyone has a different timeline and a unique path.” As long as there’s breath there’s life and it’s never too late to experience and accomplish new things and we’re definitely never too old to form new relationships. Treasure your life, it’s yours!

Here’s a little inspiration from Motivation Wishing.


23 thoughts on “A Little New Year Inspirational Motivation

  1. Well said. As was said a long time ago, “Keeping up with the Joneses”. Some get so busy looking at others, trying to be others, they can not see their own uniqueness and their own path. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Such a nice little motivational post to start the new year, and very well said. Happy New Year to you and your family! All the best for 2023! 🎉🎉

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