Spilling the Tea

Today is National Hot Tea Day. Not to be confused with just plain National Tea Day observed on a different day in a different part of the world or National Cold Tea Day in some other. Now I’m guessing that probably no one knows or even cares that today is National Hot Tea Day, well maybe unless of course you happen to be British or my mother-in-law, so I won’t bore you with the facts of why someone thought today was a good day for tea.

It’s funny though how tea is no longer always what it was cut out to be. Yeah, I’m used to brewing tea and sipping tea, and maybe once or twice or never being invited to afternoon tea, but how about spilling tea? No, and I’m not talking about scalding your tongue and ruining the front of your fancy pants. I mean really “spilling the tea”.

Well, in today’s world where no one says what they really want to say we have gone and done it again, and “tea” has become an urban slang for gossiping. Fortunately for you, since I’m not much fond of being in “hot water”, today there will be no tea from me. But should you decide to drink and “spill your tea”, please and thank you, but no “cuppa” tea for me please.


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