As the Ferris Wheel Turns

…and so, the “Ferris wheel” turns, and January is the first to hop off. I sometimes wonder if January ever feels cheated somehow, always the first one on and the first one off the wheel, no lingering, no looking forward. Gone with January are a few people I knew very well, close friends of my parents, and while itโ€™s understood that no one rides the wheel forever, itโ€™s always sad when someone’s ride comes to an end. Somewhere out there though, those empty seats are being filled and someday soon these new thrills will hail from closer to home.

January for me, was a month of family and friends and birthdays and celebrations and togetherness. My family and I are truly blessed that we are still on this “ride” together. As I started doing last year, I will recap my months by sharing with you some of my most memorable moments. This month I will share a single video that perfectly captures our spirit during the month of January.


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