Photograph February #1

February is a short but very busy month for me. I figured that instead of going completely silent, it would be the perfect time to communicate through the way I love best, photography. I will share some of my pictures, past and present, that speak to me. Just one single photograph on the days I post, and believe me, that alone will take a lot of self-control.

Grand Canal of Venice (2012)

I don’t know if everyone has a bucket list, but throughout my lifetime I’ve had a few things on mine, three actually. One was parachuting from an airplane, but doesn’t everyone? With all the freak accidents these days I’ve been cured of that one, no thanks I’ll keep my feet firmly planted on solid ground! Another was visiting Venice. From as early as my childhood the thought of no cars, riding those gondolas, and the water being the only means of getting around just felt so darn fantastical and romantic. I just knew one day I had to visit and what better time was there than on my nineteenth wedding anniversary. This is a picture of the Grand Canal of Venice at night. Normally it’s bustling with the excitement of gondolas and ferries going back and forth, but as you can see, at night it is still, peaceful and beautiful.


11 thoughts on “Photograph February #1

  1. Fantastic Janice, I went there myself with my family when I was 12 years old but still remember it vividly. It’s an amazing place, isn’t it?

    Thankyou for bringing back such a happy memory!

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  2. Beautiful photo. I was in Venice when I was 17 as part of tour with other high school students. My favorite memory was sitting in St. Mark’s square at night, listening to musicians play classical music. Great architecture.

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