Photograph February #2

Hiking The Great Wall in Beijing China (feature image) was one of the items on my bucket list. With some of its structures built from as early as the 7th century, spanning a total distance of approximately 21.2 thousand kilometers, and with all the excitement and allure witnessed in Kung Fu movies, I was sold on visiting. The trip was limited to a mother and eldest son experience since the others had to answer to the call of soccer. A few days into our tour we realized there was so much more to explore, one of which was the Temple of Heaven. This majestic structure was founded in the 15th century as an Imperial Sacrificial Altar and is set in the midst of a beautiful, peaceful garden of historic pine woods where the region’s elders visit daily to exercise, play games and practice Tai Chi.

My son and I had an interesting time trying to navigate our way through a province with very little diversity and internet, where very few people spoke English or had even ever seen a person of color before. Still, amid all the stares and requests for photographs, we ventured into Tiananmen Square where students and others once protested and even lost their lives, we strolled down the Long Corridor at the Summer Place, “rickshawed” through the Hutongs, boated the waters at Hou Hai Lake and marveled at, but couldn’t bring ourselves to partake of the “delicacies” available for consumption at the night market.

It was hard, but I’m adhering to my rule of sharing only one photograph below.

Temple of Heaven, Beijing China (2013)

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