Photograph February #6

Life is one big collage of people of different ethnicities, traditions and cultures. If we could all just see beyond our differences, fear and distrust of each other, there would be, as they say in my country, “no problem, man”.

I’m someone who’s always open to new things. I’ll go anywhere and try almost anything just for the experience of it all. Almost anything, as in, I’m not that kind of girl. So, with today’s photograph I’m going back to South Africa. While in Johannesburg, we visited the Lesedi Cultural Village located about fifty miles to its north. It’s a tourist attraction which celebrates the cultural traditions of several different South African people. It recreates the traditional dwellings and allows guest to interact in demonstrations of dances and other cultural activities. The photo below is a basket of mopani worms, or we all know them simply as caterpillars. They are a popular dish in South Africa and are rich in protein, fats and minerals.

I guess by now you have all figured out where I’m going with this right? Well yes, me being the explorer that I am, I accepted the invitation to try one. Before I could have a change of heart and with my husband looking at me incredulously like I had gone and lost my mind, I popped one into my mouth and chewed. Hmm… a little salty with a side of yucky but the yucky was because of my biases of what a caterpillar should or shouldn’t be, and that is, just food for the birds, right? But hey, whom am I to judge, I’m someone who occasionally partakes of a bowl of “cow cod” soup every now and again; click the link to find out and “if you don’t know, now you know.” By the way, that description is partly questionable as for the rum, but they did get the main ingredient right!

Mopani Worm @ Lesedi Village, South Africa (2015)

Now, this is where my “almost anything” kicks in, and I’m violating my one picture rule to show you this. The picture below are Chinese delicacies I saw, among many others, maybe even too many, available for sale at a night market while visiting Beijing. Now this I couldn’t bring myself to trying, not with those hairy little legs just lying there. Dead or not I kept picturing those little feet trying to claw their way up my throat while trying to swallow one. No thanks, couldn’t do it.

Still, that’s the beauty of life right, different countries, different foods, different preferences, different experiences, more fun!

Spiders and Centipedes @ Beijing Night Market (2013)

21 thoughts on “Photograph February #6

  1. I try to be open to new things, but I’m not very good at it when it comes to food. When I travel into foreign countries, I tend to stick to vegetarian dishes, because I think they’re somehow “safer.” I need to be more brave, like you!

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  2. I like how you see new things as adventurous and exciting. That’s am currently trying to cope with, we all need to be ready for new things because that’s what makes us see the beauty of life.
    Thanks for sharing this

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