Photograph February #8

At the risk of sounding corny, I’m going to say my visit to Rome was totally cool! I’m sure most of us while in high school have read the play “Julius Caesar” or some other play set in Rome, or at least have heard the famous line, “Et tu Brute?” If you were anything like me, you were a little intrigued and a whole lot confused because you hadn’t the foggiest idea what most of the lines of the plays meant or couldn’t even begin to understand what life was like during that period or in that remote part of the world.

Well in 2008 I had my chance to find out, and even though it was centuries later than when Julius Caesar walked the earth and most definitely a different Rome from the one I read about in the plays, it was still quite a different experience. Rome was the first time we had set foot in Europe, but I must admit not speaking the tongue, getting lost, sitting on a bus in the middle of the night going in the opposite direction from where we intended, and “muddling” our way through, only added to the whole experience.

There are just so many historic things to see in Rome; including the Vatican which by the way we only just learned then, is its own sovereign state and then of course there’s the Colosseum. If you aren’t familiar with anything from Caesar’s era, I’m sure you have seen movies like the Gladiator or some other movie with people and animals slaughtering each other for entertainment in the Colosseum. Today it’s mostly in ruins but it is still quite an impressive structure.

Fun Fact or Maybe Just Speculation: It has been said that the popular thumbs up greeting or response actually originated from the Colosseum. It was a signal that the gladiator was to be put to death via the jugular!

My final words on Rome? Thumbs Up!

The Colosseum, Rome (2008)

17 thoughts on “Photograph February #8

  1. I loved Rome and its combination of the new, ancient, and in-between. I still remember the peaches sold by street vendors. Best peaches–ever! I loved our visit to the Vatican. It felt like stepping back in time. So much beauty in all of Rome.

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  2. Your photos all month emphasize the joy and rewards of traveling. I have never been to Rome but it’s on my bucket list. I am truly enjoying my February world tour. Feels like I am actually there at these amazing places. Happy that you captured them so beautifully in photos.

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    1. Think I can say Rome is one of the places I enjoyed the most but I’m feeling kinda cheated on the peaches 🤣🤣. This is the second comment about how great the peaches were, and I didn’t get to taste one 😊.


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