Final Photograph February

Well today is the last day of the month, and I must admit I really enjoyed Photograph February. Truth be told, I prefer taking pictures to writing any day but since I’ve committed to a blog with words, I guess I should get back to it then. Still, I welcomed the chance to pour a little of my “picture” passion into my writings. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!

February for me has always been one of the most impactful months of the year. Itโ€™s short and sweet and filled with history and birthdays and celebrations and soccer, life gets really busy around these parts and then there is the celebration of love.

Love was the overarching theme this February, so I’ll close out the month with a few of my expressions of love during the month.

Dinner 4 2, No One Under 50 Invited

Guilty Pleasure, whatโ€™s left of it anyway

My Thriving Birkin.

Budding Potential

Orchid in Bloom

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