Man vs Woman, Who’s Smarter?

Our brains are divided into two hemispheres, a left-side and a right. Studies suggest, left-side thinkers are more analytical, sequential, logical, and methodical while right-side thinkers are believed to be more creative, free-spirited, intuitive, and holistic. If you already know or have guessed that males mostly use the left side of the brain, you are correct. What you might not know is which side of the brain the female is more predisposed to. If by the process of elimination, you have guessed the right side, you’re only partially correct. Women use both sides of their brains equally! So, now I wonder, when compared to men, how did the myth that women are inferior thinkers get started?

Now I’m not making a claim one way or another as to which gender is superior mentally, but with the brain being the most important organ of the body, controlling memory, thought processes and emotions, it shouldn’t be hard to deduce, that when it comes to matters of the mind, the body that utilizes more of the brain’s potential should be ahead of the game, even if just by a little.

I’m no scientist but I have had some observations and, in my opinion, guys could benefit from a little more attention to details. I’m not sure whether it’s that their brains aren’t wired to do so, or if they just don’t care, or if it is that we women pay way too much attention to unimportant details, an explanation my husband often resorts to, but whatever the case, I often find their descriptions annoyingly basic and lacking in some necessary details.

Case in point, the other day at the gym I had an issue with the mechanics of rotating a machine from side to side. Even after reading the directions on the side of the machine, undoubtably written by a man, I still couldn’t figure it out. A guy next to me offered to help and he quickly demonstrated the move to me while saying, “just turn the lever from side to side.” Well, duh…that’s what the instructions on the side of the machine says and I was still not able to move it. Sure enough, when I needed to rotate the machine again, I still couldn’t do it, a left side brain thing, no doubt. Anyway, a lady saw me struggling and said, “pull the lever to you and turn”. Aha…I needed to pull the lever before turning, a key piece of detail mister left side thinker neglected to share.


Multi-tasking is another area I find men lacking. I think the issue surfaces when men are forced to prioritize and organize their time while trying to keep calm under pressure. If they try to do everything concurrently, it never ends well. Again, studies show this has to do with the left side vs the right side of the brain with men’s brains being wired from back to front on only one hemisphere while the woman’s brain is wired back to front and left to right. This could explain why at home on any given day, I can cook, do laundry, watch tv, write a blog and have a conversation simultaneously while the males in my household, whom I must qualify are pretty smart guys, are tunnel visioned and seemingly deaf, mute, and boring when performing a task, they consider important.

Now I’ll leave you with this one, and guys please feel free to call me a liar. Most guys are very bad at reading non-verbal cues. Now I’m not talking about the cues that are overt or suggestive, they have no problems reading or misreading those. What often escapes them are the subtle cues of discomfort, reluctance, impatience and many others including the cues that they’re being exposed by their own cues.


23 thoughts on “Man vs Woman, Who’s Smarter?

  1. Interesting analysis sister. This is one conversation that can turn animated real quick. But very interesting analysis and observations!

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  2. 🤔 Well laid out, and you’re right; those are typically how they manifest. So, what do say about a man, that uses both sides, pretty much equally? I am a only child, and never wanted to be put in a box. So I conditioned myself; mind and heart, to soaked up every. Multitasking, time management, had those down to a science in my 20’s. My daughter, went to college, for graphic design, but I was able to teach myself the art. Just like the sound of music, people wonder; how do you solve a problem, like Warren? To this day, people are trying to figure me out. But God, He had predestined plans for my heart, so He opened up my mind, with His amazing grace! He, gets ALL the glory, and praise! Blessings to you!

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  3. I love essays like this. I love biology and psychology. Women tend to score better on executive functioning evaluations, but the nature-nurture issue always raises its head. Too bad good testing would be highly unethical.

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  4. Thanks Janice. I enjoyed your analysis and Warren’s response. I love any suggestion that proposes that I am the same as all other men. I enjoy and smile at being defined by any stereotypes and am challenged to prove them wrong🤣🤣. I delight in differences and individuality and love to look for ways in which we’re not the same – whatever our God-given gender!

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  5. Hey Malcolm, I’m concede that similar to Warren there are other exceptions to the rule. I believe you, if you say you are different then I agree 😊. My husband claims to be different too, but hey I’ve known him for over 40+ years 🤣.


  6. Jan, I could write a whole follow-up blog qualifying everything you’ve said here. Before my husband does anything, he has to find the perfect TV show or movie to watch. This can take anywhere from 15-30 minutes (the movie finding). Then, he just plays it in the background as he does work; he literally doesn’t pay attention to the movie because he cannot do that AND work simultaneously.

    I also noticed that when we’re in a heated discussion, he cannot do anything else, like cook food. He can either cook the food, or he can have the discussion; both cannot occur concurrently lol

    Meanwhile, as you say, I’m texting 5 people at once, reading blogs, looking at IG, responding to emails…all of the things.

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