Too Much of a Good Thing

I have often asked myself “where would we all be without our cellphones?” More and more I have been coming to the conclusion, somewhere safer and happier where we’re more sociable with sharper memories and healthier functioning brains. There was a point in our lives when we relied more on our brains than we did these somewhat intrusive little gadgets. Of course, we had no choice, those good old “dumb” phones back then did nothing more than what they were made to do, making calls. The numbers of the people closest to us were stored in our heads and most of us had “a little black book” for all the extras. Some of you younger folks won’t even get that reference. We made it a point to remember special dates and birthdays, and we stored and recalled important events and details as memories and knowledge in our brains.

Today everything is stored on our cell phones from numbers, important dates, reminders, pictures, general information and the list could go on for days. The issue is, for most of these, we haven’t even bothered committing any of it to memory. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know my children’s phone numbers, nor my parents, nor my friends and we don’t have or need a “little black book” anymore, or so we think. The fact is, if I were to lose my phone, there is no one I could call from memory except my husband and I suspect the only reason I remember his number is because it’s the same as mine except for the last digit. As for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days, Facebook as become my reminder, always reliable and ready with notifications of upcoming birthdays of friends and “friends” and pushing pictures and memories of celebrations past.

Well, with all of that, a few days ago I missed my parents fifty-sixth-year wedding anniversary. “Burning the candle at both ends” makes frequents to Facebook a little less…well…frequent. Surely a picture from last year would have jogged my memory, but shame on me, after so many years of celebrating this very important day whose date hasn’t changed in fifty-six years, shouldn’t I be able to recall it without a reminder from social media?

Now I’ll concede cell phones do have their benefits, but when does too much of a good thing become too much? We have become a poor spelling, no remembering, least effort, social media obsessed antisocial society who have pooled all our “eggs” into the cell phone basket. Isn’t that one of the biggest no no’s of investment and speculation and life in general, that Diversification 101 warns us about?

Well, lucky for you, this is not one of those profound posts where I’ll rehash the benefits and dangers of our reliance on cellphones technology. I’m simply here to say, shame on me and since I’m not in this boat or basket alone, shame on you too. We have to do better; our brains demand it.


19 thoughts on “Too Much of a Good Thing

  1. Perfectly said. In fact, I went about buying an address book this year – a challenge – and filling it up with the info that was only in the phone. Just in case aliens show up with an electro-magnetic pulse.

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  2. Phones and technology is general seems like a double edged sword. Yes, they do a lot of good but so much bad too. I guess all we can do is be strong and not let our devices control us.

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  3. You must have been a fly on the wall as I had this same discussion with a girlfriend of mine this week. I made a commitment to start memorizing phone numbers again…starting with my children. Shame on me!😁

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  4. I keep a lot of stuff on paper. But I miss the fact that I don’t know phone numbers by heart anymore. I do keep a paper list in my purse. I heard a bit on the news last night about it being bad for our brains to rely on GPS too much. So, I’ve decided to pay attention to where I’m going! LOL

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    1. That is so true, we just stop paying attention because we rely on the GPS to take us there. We have to start making a conscious effort to remember things on our own or our brains will turn to mush 🤣.


  5. I agree. When I left FB, one of the reasons people told me they couldn’t is because then they wouldn’t know when someone’s bday was. I thought this was ridiculous. But maybe it’s because I still keep a paper calendar on my wall with names and bdays checked off. I think it doesn’t have to be this way; we’re allowing it to be.

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