It Was a WordPress Link Up

On this platform there are bloggers whether due to similar backgrounds, ages, country of birth, experiences or whatever that we’re more drawn to and sometimes if we’re lucky, we get to meet them face to face. Well, last Friday I had the pleasure of linking up with Marcia of Restored Hearts.

During our lifetime there are people whom we meet for the very first time and somehow it feels like we have known them forever. Luckily for us, on this St Patty’s Friday, that was the vibe. Marcia was visiting New York on spring break, no she’s not a teenager, and we decided to meet up at a restaurant. Just like old friends, we sat literally smack in the middle of the restaurant, enjoying a meal while chatting and laughing with nary an awkward pause around nor a trigger of my “spidey senses”. Turns out we have lots in common, from our country of birth to being mothers of only sons. We managed to avoid the pull of our cellphones which stayed buried deeply in our bags for the entire meal, so much so we forgot a take a picture to capture the moment.

Last minute, after we had left the light of the restaurant, we remembered so we took one out on the sidewalk. It was a good evening and thanks to WordPress I now have a new friend.

Read about Marcia’s trip visit to NYC.


29 thoughts on “It Was a WordPress Link Up

  1. Jan the pleasure was mine as well! We call it ‘sister from another mister’…😁😁! We’ll definitely do this again. I’m sure our sons were happy to know we ‘hooked up’ and made it home safely. 😂

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