That Inner Voice

Most of us have that little voice that’s always with us, hanging out in the back or front of our mind, or even in our gut, trying to guide the path we take. No, I’m not talking about those voices of the hallucinatory kind, for those I recommend we seek some assistance. I’m referring to our inner voices. The one that tries to guide us towards what’s right for us and away from what’s wrong. It screams “bad choice” or gently assures “right move”. It motivates us or tells us when to “fall back”. It reaffirms the things we know deep down to be true and mercilessly reveals the things we don’t want to hear, face or believe.

Some of us choose to listen, but then there are those of us who ignore the voice out of fear or the need to fit into the status quo.

Tell me, which one are you?


19 thoughts on “That Inner Voice

  1. I listen to it always, and I should have taken heed of it more often, but I find I am doing now. It always leads me to be more of who I want to be.

    I’m not sure who’s voice Morgan Freeman was listening to however, when he decided to use his skills to advertise Qatar Airways. Clearly it wasn’t the one that said ‘ forget the money, Qatar are a brutal regime with a terrible human rights record, turn away’. More’s the pity.

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  2. I never meant to fall into the status quo. I think it came from me being ignorant of things. Ive learned not to let fear stop me from trusting the inner voices ( which is the Lord and myself). Listening to myself comes from what I’ve been taught and experiences. It took the Lord to put me through rejection to learn. I had to learn to trust what He says.

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  3. God speaks to us often in a still small voice and I TRY to listen and obey at all times. (But) That one major time I chose to “rationalize away” the voice to do otherwise, (and ended up doing otherwise) I’ve lived to pay a humongous price (in more ways than one ); but, thankfully God still speaks .❤️🙂

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  4. That still small voice has kept me, guided me, redirected me when I didn’t listen the first time (Grace). I have ignored it in the past to my own detriment, but as I have grown older, it is my best friend. God is the only one that can see around corners, see the hearts of others, and knows our life path, so I have learnt to trust and depend on His voice. The inner voice is a life saver and I am now listening, even when I can’t rationalize or understand the Why~ Compkete Trust.

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  5. The only voices I’ve noticed are internalized parental scolding voices from crazy parents, teachers, authorities, critics, and self-debating voices of different aspects of self, or in dreams. The positive ones are often false and misleading optimism. Sometimes impossible dreams are indeed impossible. Yes, I see the potential for “gut feelings” to be helpful, but mine are mostly wrong. I might try practicing meditation again until I can hear “a still small voice”. We will see.

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  6. I’m guessing you know it’s not an actual voice. It could be your intuition or just a gut feeling. For some of us we are guided by our faith. I would hate to believe that all your gut feelings have been wrong. I do understand though how sometimes we internalize some of the negative voices from our past and these can impact our thinking and our intuition.


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