March Quarter End Close

There was a time when quarter ends were a source of angst for me. At the onset of each close, the realities of the impending quarter end responsibilities slowly started creeping in. I usually had to brace myself mentally for the next grueling couple of months to follow.

It’s amazing though, how sometimes certain turns of events come about in our lives and at that time all we see is our world shattering and sometimes it really does. But after the dust has settled and if we’re lucky enough to still be standing, hopefully we emerge in a better space, both physically and mentally and was smart enough to embrace the lessons and opportunities for change that were undoubtably buried somewhere in those unpleasant experiences.

Today quarter ends bring out completely different sentiments in me. They are calmer for sure and no longer angst inducing. On this platform, they have become characteristic of me looking back and sharing some of my memories of the month past.

One whole quarter down, now just watch the rest of the year just fly on by.

Remember, don’t be fooled on this April Fool’s Day!

Orchid in full bloom

Healthier options

Cental Park, Manhattan NYC

Visit to the Bronx Zoo

She pierced my heart with a little wave and her stare πŸ₯²

As proud as a peacock should be

Who says only ballerinas wear tutus?

17 thoughts on “March Quarter End Close

    1. But you’re in JA, they grow with very little effort down there. My dad just waters his, sticks them in a tree or plant them in pots in just the right shade and they grow in no time 🀣. Over here there’s trimming, re-potting, fertilizing, watering and right temperature 😊.

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