A Day at the Zoo

I have never been a fan of the zoo. If my memory serves me well, I’ll have to say, in my entire lifetime I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve been to the zoo. Nothing against it really, but when a chimp has the faculties to wave and stare as if in some acknowledgement of similarities between her and these other strange looking apes staring back from behind the glass, it does become a little weird. It also makes me feel a little sad. Still, I must admit though, I can’t claim to be one who’s totally against the whole idea of the zoo.

Last Thursday morning for no particular reason, I found myself with a young friend and my mother-in-law in tow heading to the Bronx Zoo. It was a cold day so for the safety of some of the animals, they were kept inside so we didn’t get the chance to see my two favorites, the giraffe and the zebra. But after walking what felt like every inch of that zoo, overall, I must say it was good being back.

Fun Fact:
Zoos have been around since as early as 2,500 BCE when some aristocrats and leaders started procuring animals for private collections called “menageries” to show off their wealth, power and status. Typical right?


26 thoughts on “A Day at the Zoo

  1. Last time I visited here–my sons were young. Do they still have that small one near the BKLYN Botanical Garden? Can’t remember the name…probably Prospect Park. We used to frequent this one for the water animals.

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      1. I think you’re right about the location of the aquarium! So that means I had no idea there was another zoo in Brooklyn 🤣. I also just found out there’s one in Queens too, never been there.

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  2. It’s been years since I’ve been to the zoo. Honestly I wouldn’t go back to my local zoos. Something struck me in my soul watching the lion at the last zoo I went to.
    He looked sad. As though he knew he didn’t belong there. I wondered if we should be keeping animals in small confinements.

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    1. That is something that crossed my mind for some of the animals after considering their small confinements. One thing I found notable though, it seems they all instinctively sat with their backs to us, as if they were trying to ignore us 🤣.

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  3. I’ve never been to a zoo, we have something like a zoo in Kenya but the animals are more free and live their lives. I find those quite fun to visit although it’s been a while since I went there.

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  4. Zoos have improved a lot from the days when animals were just kept in cages. Now they try hard to provide a natural environment for the animals, and also to help animals still in the wild. I feel more comfortable supporting them for that reason.

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