Why Good Friday’s Good

For Christians all over the world today is Good Friday. But what is it that makes Good Friday good? After all this was the fateful day that Jesus was put to death on a cross by crucifixion. Before he took his final breath he had been deserted and denied, beaten and bruised, mocked and ridiculed with a crown of thorns placed on his head. So where is the good in Good Friday?

It certainly wasn’t for his benefit. He was sinless and just like you and I, he didn’t relish the idea of being tortured and killed and in a brief moment of self-preservation he prayed to God “take this cup of suffering from me.” Yet in his goodness he accepted this fate and further prayed “yet not as I will, but as you will.”

So, why is Good Friday good? The significance of this day makes it good. Good because even though Jesus was the one who suffered and died on that cross, he did so as an ultimate sacrifice for our sins. It’s good because even though he died to save our lives, yours and mine, in three days he rose again. So, on this Good Friday let us reflect on this day and what it really means and let us commemorate the death of Christ and the sacrifices he made so that you and I would be good.

Have a Happy Easter!

21 thoughts on “Why Good Friday’s Good

  1. I had the same thought this morning during prayer. How the Lord asked for the cup be taken from Him and how quickly He said not by His will but God’s. I wasn’t reminded of these words for the sake of Easter but something personal I’m going through. Pray for me. Happy Easter! ✝️

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