We Are Human!

I am a black woman, I’m married to a black man, I have three black sons and there are millions of other black people living in this country and we’re all human. As humans we have eyes and ears just like our counterparts, most times we’re blessed with a darker shade, wider noses and thicker lips. Yes, we look different, but we’re the same, still very much human. Like all humans we need air to survive, our blood bleeds red and if you cut us it spills into the streets, on doorsteps, in supermarkets, in churches; wherever you cut us we bleed. Our hearts beat for our survival. It beats with love, love for country, love for self, love for our children, for our brothers and sisters, and for our God. We hope, we dream, we desire, we think, we worship, we grow weary, and we expire.

We’re humans so there’s no need to fear us or despise us just because of who we are and how we look. Our sons and daughters aren’t natural born killers, so your first instincts shouldn’t be to shoot them or Taze them or gun them down in the streets for not being “obedient” or for being in the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time. As black parents we shouldn’t need to give our children “the talk”, but out of fear for their lives we are forced to. You shouldn’t have the freedom to “stand your ground” or kneel on our necks or deploy your weapons simply because we rang the wrong doorbell, triggered your “bells”, jogged through the “wrong” neighborhood, or for whatever, just because it displeases or pleases you. What gives you the right to discriminate and terminate or feel the need to put us in our place? It hurts when you clutch your purse or roll your eyes or call us monkeys or animals, or niggers, or black bitches just because we look different.

It seems hate is increasingly becoming the latest rave in this country. We live it, we breathe it, we support it, we promote it, we campaign on it, we legislate it, and I dare say, we even relish it. God forbid if you’re perceived to be “different” you could be in the crosshairs, and I can’t help feeling like our black bodies are hate’s largest target. Being a black woman in this country, there are days after consuming all this hate surrounding us that I feel like I just can’t breathe. Listen to me, there is no need to fear us, or hate us simply because of the color of our skin. Regardless of what some tell you or would have you believe, we are human.


26 thoughts on “We Are Human!

  1. Today, I wish the like button was a love button. Your essay captures the truth. I’m so sad about how some people can’t see the humanity in themselves then can’t see it in others. You wrote about something so important. (And your essay is beautifully written.)

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  2. So sad! I can’t understand this kind of behaviour. Discrimination on any ground whatsoever is despicable and must be condemned in the strongest terms.

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  3. This right here:

    ‘Being a black woman in this country, there are days after consuming all this hate surrounding us that I feel like I just can’t breathe.”

    It’s exhausting trying to make it in this world with all that we have to endure and all that we have to try to avoid.

    *Sighs* It should NOT be this way. But here we are. 🥺

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  4. Well said! No one should have to “prove” their humanity to society, whether for the color of their skin or any other reason. The hatred for those who are different does seem to be on the rise, and that’s a very scary thing. Thank you for having the courage to address this issue and to write so eloquently for a better world.

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  5. I don’t live in the US but you’re right there seems to be so much hate towards black people. And I think it’s largely rooted in history since black people have always been dehumanised. From what I’ve learnt the media often goes out of their way to dehumanise black people too which often creates wrongful stereotypes.

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  6. I believe the media and politicians “feed and propagate the hate”. When you watch children play, they do not see a difference unless they are taught the difference. I have not seen anyone ask what race or type of person donated the blood before they had the transfusion. Both media and politicians want attention, want ratings, causing conflict gives them both.

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