Sowing and Reaping Generously

There is a verse in the bible that encourages us to give generously. It says, “Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously. Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”

Now let’s be honest, when most of us hear this message in church on a Sunday our thoughts automatically go to our pocketbooks and our wallets and for some of us, generosity is not always the feeling in that moment. I have even heard arguments accusing the pastor, who by the way is simply the messenger, of being a swindler with the sole purpose of relieving folks of their hard-earned money hence they argue, that justifies their reluctance to go to church. Now, besides the fact that the church really does rely on our offerings and tithes as one of its primary sources of income, there really is some validity in this verse.

The thing is, this scripture is not only true in the giving of our financial resources, but one could say it’s the blueprint for just about every aspect of our lives. We can’t deny that when we freely give of ourselves and devote quality time to our relationships, they are more fruitful and satisfying. We are also more successful in our professions and in our own businesses when we go above and beyond the status quo to invest valuable time and resources into them. Children who study hard and do well in school add value not only to their lives but also to the communities and companies they grow up to represent, and people who give generously of their time through volunteering and other philanthropic efforts make huge differences in the lives of those they serve.

So, the next time you’re in church or wherever and the topic of giving comes up, think of all the different ways in which you can sow generously, and yes, cheerfully give some to the church, it’s for a divine cause and a little given willingly, goes a long way.


19 thoughts on “Sowing and Reaping Generously

  1. People don’t under what they missing by not giving. I know from personal experience that the word of God is valid when it comes to giving your tithes and offerings. Your cup overflows! I remember talking to some young teenagers about church in my neighborhood. One of there excuses for not going to church was corruption. Fake rich pastors. But none of them had witnessed such things in a church. There were times when people would sell their possessions to build the church. Now that’s faith! The churches who are still standing and growing understand what sowing is all about. They become mega churches!

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  2. There are so many ways of giving, besides money. Recently, the most needed and thankful for gift I received, was a hug. At the time, that hug meant and did so much for my inward person. Thank you for sharing.

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