April Brought Solitude and Sushi

It’s safe to say the highlight of my April was Sushi and if you haven’t already guessed I’m a huge fan, you would have guessed it by the end of this post. I’ll go further to say the only thing better is enjoying it with someone who loves it just as much or maybe even more since my Sushi partner kinda indirectly got us cut off from ordering more at the Sushi joint. The nerve of us to assume “all you can eat” meant just that.

April was an insanely busy month for me, seems I’ve adopted the craziness of the nine to five without the actual nine to five, but even among the busyness there was strangely a satisfaction in the solitude that accompanied it. I spent most of April holed up at home alone for the most part of each day, head down busy plugging away. Still, I did manage to get out a little for church, a funeral, a bridal shower, a walk among the cherry blossoms and of course a couple of trips to the Sushi restaurant with my son.

May promises to bring a whole lot more free time as we look forward to Mother’s Day and graduation season and hopefully some more exciting days with more to say. For now, I’ll share some of my memories of April.


All you can eat sushi

Just dinner

The makings of a smoothie

A resting place

Such solitude

Cherry Blossoms, Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


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