Elusive Sleep

Have you ever gone to bed way too early then suddenly you’re awake feeling like you’ve been asleep forever? A quick glance at the clock however reveals, it’s barely after midnight and as the time ticks on you begin to realize it’s going to be another one of those sleepless nights.

You toss and you turn, and you turn, and you toss with a million thoughts streaming through your head. You close your eyes and try to will yourself to sleep but still the sleep eludes you. Inconveniently, you feel the need to solve the world’s problems with questions of how, when, where, and why. Thoughts of him, thoughts of her, thoughts of us and them all clouding your brain. You try to coax and cajole, reason and beg your mind to release it all but it refuses to succumb.

You try not to think, you try not to move, you try to ignore all the sounds in the room. You’d do anything to quiet the mental noises holding you captive in bed but soon they fill every unoccupied space in your head. You fret at the clock whose digits have now gone from two to three all while you were still awake. You write a blog, one maybe two, this one for sure, but still, the sleep doesn’t come and at that point you’re not sure what else you can do.

Suddenly unconsciously and magically the sleep comes, and you awake the next morning wondering, exactly when and how did you capture that elusive sleep, because somewhere in the details you hope you might, find the secret to cracking the code should sleep elude you again tonight.


18 thoughts on “Elusive Sleep

  1. Elusive sleep and I, have a committed relationship. Because of my schedule, and reasons of family needs. Monday to Friday, I only sleep 4 to 5 hours a night, in sleep and I’s 16 year relationship! But, it wonderful to see, you had a beautiful rendezvous, with sleep! Blessings!

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