Sleep Finally

With these last two post you can tell I have sleep on my mind. My husband has gotten into the habit of photographing me while asleep. I’d wake up on random mornings or whenever to find texts on my phone of me sleeping. Now, I know there are tons of arguments against taking pictures of someone while they’re sleeping ranging from superstition to the whole correctness of it all, but for the record, I adore them.

Sleep is such a vulnerable state where there is no controlling of your facial expressions, or posture, but in these photos, there is something so raw and honest about the candidness and peacefulness of it all. Truth be told, my husband is terrible at taking pictures and he’s last person we call upon to take a picture on any given day. But he has a knack for capturing my essence while sleeping. I think he understands that peaceful sleeping is not something I do easily so when I do manage to capture a few, he feels compelled to memorialize them for me when he’s awake to witness them.

Normally I keep these pictures private, but this sleep came in the middle of the day after nights of crappy sleep. It’s a few hours after a medical procedure so I still had some sleep assistance pumping through my veins, but it was such a much-needed blissful sleep I wanted to share. Thanks to my husband, this picture captures it perfectly.

Now I promise, this closes my chapter on sleep.


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