A Little Friday Inspiration

It’s Friday and you’ve made it to the end of another week. Sunday is Mother’s Day, and although we don’t need a special day to recognize our moms, let’s use this day to show them an extra appreciation anyway. This little Friday inspiration though, is for everyone. I know there are times when we push ourselves way too hard while over-emphasizing our failures and underestimating our accomplishments. The way we see it, nothing is ever good enough and success is always just beyond our reach, something we’re always striving for. No doubt there are some who have mastered the art of success and being satisfied, but there are those who need to learn how to just relax sometimes, enjoy the milestones, big and small, and not take ourselves too seriously.

Here is a little inspiration from Motivationwishing that I would like to share.

You’re doing better than you think!

Too often we take for granted another’s final success without acknowledging all the hard work and determination that made it possible.

…and finally, we need to tune out every once in a while from the constant flow of social media and other external influences and just allow our natural creativity to flow.

Happy Friday and be kind to your mom on this weekend and every day!


14 thoughts on “A Little Friday Inspiration

  1. You know what Jan, you’re right, so I’m going to give social media a complete rest this weekend. In fact, I’m going to do lots of things against my usual routine this weekend, just to shake things up! I hope you’re having a happy Friday!

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    1. Paul, sometimes we don’t realize just how much those mediums cloud out thought processes and our judgement. Tuning out every once in a while, allows our brains to rejuvenate and come up with natural imaginative thoughts.

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      1. You’re so right, it has distracted me so many times, however I do think I am getting better at avoiding it…but like any bad habit it’s an on-going process.

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