A Mother’s Perspective

Yesterday was Mother’s Day and I have had the honor of being a mother for over twenty-seven years. These days it’s not often that we get to spend time with all three of our sons at the same time, but Mother’s Day does have its perks and yesterday we all came together with family in the woods of Pennsylvania. There was something about nature and the sun and the breeze and the shade of the trees that had me thinking.

Being a mother is like being a gardener, they both start out with the planting of seeds. I’m going to assume that by now we’ve all mastered the art of “planting seeds” so I’ll skip straight to the garden. Gardening takes time, patience and love. Once in the ground, those seeds will need watering, nourishment and lots of sunshine for them to grow. If neglected most will probably never sprout, and sometimes even if they do, from the start they will be weak and compromised with a high possibility of falling by the wayside. Then there are the dangers of weeds that eventually do threaten every untended garden. Their sole purpose is to take over and run rampant all throughout, and if left unchecked, they will choke the life out those seeds and any new seedlings before they’ve even gotten the chance to grow.

On the other hand, if we care for and nurture our gardens, those seeds will be given the opportunity to grow to their full potential and when they do, we will be happy and content and able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. There will be times, if our produce is bountiful enough, we will be able to share them with our friends and family. Later, those plants from our gardens will be used to start other gardens that too can flourish and grow. We have to be aware though, that sometimes even after all the tending and watering, there still exists the danger of weeds getting in and ruining those beautiful gardens that we’ve worked so hard at and have become so proud of. Those weeds will wrap themselves around those tender shoots and sometimes they will be successful at snuffing the beauty and goodness out of them. Alternatively, there are dangers in over-tending our gardens. A garden must be free to absorb the sunlight and blow in the wind. If we overwater or try to over-shield it from the sun and other elements of nature, they too will likely not fare well.

So, be purposeful and determined with your gardens. Do not give up on those plants because they will always need our love and attention. We’ll find we might need to use a little weed wacker, but not too much, or add a little fertilizer every now and again, but that’s gardening. Take pride in being the great gardener that you are, if you stay committed, it will all be worth it in the end.


27 thoughts on “A Mother’s Perspective

  1. Great comparison. At this time in my life, I focus on the future when things get difficult knowing what I am doing will be good. I get little rewards along the way. Thank you for sharing. Helps me to stay focused.

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