Try a Different View

I saw this post today and I thought about how truthful and pertinent it is, especially at this time. As we look forward to Thanksgiving and the rest of the holiday season some of us are tempted to start checking the boxes for all the things we’re not or don’t have. Some will start measuringContinue reading “Try a Different View”

What, No Thanks for Thanksgiving?

I remember a time when Thanksgiving was a holiday that was deeply revered. We all understood this was a special time for giving thanks with family and friends with the overindulgence on turkey and stuffings an added bonus. Typically, this meant all the rituals and decorations for Christmas were reserved until after Thanksgiving. For yearsContinue reading “What, No Thanks for Thanksgiving?”

Hallmark of My Holidays

Watching Christmas Hallmark movies is one of my Life’s Simple Pleasures during the holidays. Now if someone were to ask me, if I ever grow tired of watching girl after girl leaving some big city and falling in love with the same type of old country boy on a farm, I’d have to say notContinue reading “Hallmark of My Holidays”

True to My Word

Last Saturday night I attended my high school’s NY Alumni Chapter’s annual fundraiser. I went to high school in Jamaica and yes, it’s true a lot of us migrated to different ends of the earth after high school, but in our blood we’re always Jamaicans, sons and daughters of its soil. We understand our school,Continue reading “True to My Word”

Dating 101 Prerequisites

Recently a friend on social media boldly shared a post listing a number of prerequisites a guy had to possess before being eligible to date her. After first admiring the set of “balls” on this woman, I seriously started wondering how many other women and men had lists of prerequisites for dating. Now if you’reContinue reading “Dating 101 Prerequisites”

October’s Colors of Change

For me, no other month epitomizes change more than October does. With the change in season, October is the month the colors of fall are most visible and my last trip to the park revealed most of the greens of the trees had been replaced by hues of yellow, orange and red. Now they standContinue reading “October’s Colors of Change”

Abuse or Harmless Prank?

Now it’s October and a lot of us love Halloween. As a child I loved a good scare. I lived for the rush of my heart pounding in my chest and adrenaline coursing through my veins as I anxiously awaited the latest scary thing to pop off. When it finally did, I would scream andContinue reading “Abuse or Harmless Prank?”

We Lit Up the Night

Last night along with a few family members and close friends we took part in the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s annual Light the Night Fundraiser. We literally lit up the night with lanterns and fireworks in an effort to raise funds to advance cures and provide support for people currently undergoing the fight against variousContinue reading “We Lit Up the Night”