Familiarity of the Sun

I live for sunrises and sunsets, and I have photographed many. I have chased them to different ends of the earth, to just the right spaces in some of the most beautiful places. I have gotten up early in the morning to capture many a sunrise, a perfect mix of colorful hues, heartwarming tones ofContinue reading “Familiarity of the Sun”

A Time for Pruning

Have you ever gotten to that crossroad in life where you had to make a decision as to whether it’s time for a change or whether it will be “business” as usual? Sometimes we find ourselves there because we’ve become unproductive or we’ve been constantly making the same bad decisions, we’ve been attracting the wrongContinue reading “A Time for Pruning”

What WordPress Taught Me About Me

I will straight up confess to you that I am not a techie, I’m not computer savvy, I’ve never acquired the art of working with databases, in fact after being out of the workforce for over 4 years, and with all the new applications and updates combined with my lack of practice, I can barelyContinue reading “What WordPress Taught Me About Me”

Flying By their Seats

Growing up my generation was always encouraged to have a backup plan for whatever we did in life. This made perfect sense to me, after all, life’s outcomes were never guaranteed. Therefore, it was just common sense to make allowances for contingencies and disappointments. That meant making sure we had a few other cards tuckedContinue reading “Flying By their Seats”

The Hungry Sister

Today is my older sister’s birthday. As children growing up in Jamaica our parents would insist that we eat and drink what I thought back then, were horrible tasting foods. If I had a penny for the number of times I heard the line, “eat it, it good fi yuh” I would be wealthy. ForContinue reading “The Hungry Sister”

Life’s Simple Pleasures

It has been a while since my last post. There are days when it feels right to just sit back, shut up and appreciate life’s simple pleasures. So, this weekend was one of those dedicated to food, family, friendship, fellowship and fun. The July 4th weekend has also become an important milestone in my lifeContinue reading “Life’s Simple Pleasures”

Journeys in June

So, here we are at the end of June and already we’re halfway through the year. Let’s be honest, June has left some of us reeling from all its new developments and deliberations. Personally, June has thrown me for a loop, but on the upside, it has also presented me with some great experiences andContinue reading “Journeys in June”

Words Heard on the Street …

It is my constitutional right to choose NOT to wear a mask to prevent the spread of Covid! You are violating the constitutional rights and health of my kids by forcing them to wear a mask while attending school and playing with their friends! It is my constitutional right to have readily accessible to me,Continue reading “Words Heard on the Street …”