Photograph February #7

February is Black History Month, and I’d be remiss if I ended the month without addressing that. Of all the places I’ve visited, none has more to do with my black history than Ghana does. Back in February of last year I made a post about “Experiencing Ghana” and its history that you’re welcomed toContinue reading “Photograph February #7”

Photograph February #6

Life is one big collage of people of different ethnicities, traditions and cultures. If we could all just see beyond our differences, fear and distrust of each other, there would be, as they say in my country, “no problem, man”. I’m someone who’s always open to new things. I’ll go anywhere and try almost anythingContinue reading “Photograph February #6”

Photograph February #4

In April of 2015, the school my sons attended took a senior trip to South Africa. One of our stops was the Table Mountain located in Cape Town. At an age of over 280 million years old, it is one of the oldest mountains in the world and stands at a height of 3,563 feetContinue reading “Photograph February #4”

Experiencing Ghana

February is not only a month for celebrating love. It’s also Black History Month. In America, it’s a time to remember and highlight important events and individuals who have made significant contributions in attaining equal rights and improving the quality of life for African Americans and the entire country. As an African American and aContinue reading “Experiencing Ghana”