Photograph February #1

February is a short but very busy month for me. I figured that instead of going completely silent, it would be the perfect time to communicate through the way I love best, photography. I will share some of my pictures, past and present, that speak to me. Just one single photograph on the days IContinue reading “Photograph February #1”

My Very First WordPress Blog

Exactly one year ago today I made my very first post, “From Pockets to Hearts”, on this platform. Today on my first WordPress anniversary and one hundred and fifty-five posts later, I consider it only fitting that I re-share my very first post. ExcerptLet’s face it, unless you’re Santa Claus who magically gets his giftsContinue reading “My Very First WordPress Blog”

29 Years Above Water

Today my husband and I celebrate our 29th year wedding anniversary and I have learned that even though there are some do’s and don’ts in marriage, there are no manuals on the right or wrong way to make your marriage work. Marriage is not a “one size fits all” type of relationship and sometimes weContinue reading “29 Years Above Water”