Flavors of Cincinnati

First let me say yippie this is my 100th post!! Whenever I travel to a new country or state, I always like to get a taste of its “flavor”. The flavor of a place is basically its essential or unique characteristics or landmarks that distinguishes that place from another. In my previous post I mentionedContinue reading “Flavors of Cincinnati”

Survivor, That’s You!

Today is National Cancer Survivors Day! Congrats to all who fought hard to still be here. If you have kicked the darn thing more power to you and if you’re still in the fight, keep fighting! To all who are supporters and still are, thanks to you too! For those who didn’t make it, blessingsContinue reading “Survivor, That’s You!”

Thursday’s Throwback

Today is Thursday’s Throwback. Join me as I feature some of my favorite old posts you might have missed. “Grateful for change. Change is as simple as the turning of the seasons from fall to winter or the ticking of the clock from day to night. Isn’t it amazing the different perspectives change allows? ItContinue reading “Thursday’s Throwback”

The Light at the End

Have you ever been tired of trying? Trying to achieve a milestone or to finish a project, trying to mend a broken relationship, making amends, making ends meet? Trying to lead, to understand, to overcome, to change? You’re always trying but the light is always there, at the end, seemingly just beyond reach. You reachContinue reading “The Light at the End”

May’s Memories

Carpe Diem which means “seize the day” is the motto of my old high school in Jamaica. Over the years that phrase has become more relevant and meaningful to my life. May has come and soon will be gone but not before giving us Mother’s Day, togetherness, and some memories to last a lifetime. Unfortunately,Continue reading “May’s Memories”

Friday Feelings

It’s been a while since I had a “Friday Feeling”, but today I needed it and the feeling today is re-charge. My heart has been heavy for the last few days with all the wars, diseases, massacres and constant horrible breaking news. For my sanity, this weekend is begging for a “hard stop”. So, I’mContinue reading “Friday Feelings”