Adversity or Opportunity?

It’s only natural for us to want things to go well, nobody wants to struggle needlessly. We want our finances to flow, our relationships to work, and we all want to live good long healthy lives. We strive to be successful because we love being winners and we love all the attention and accolades thatContinue reading “Adversity or Opportunity?”

Walking The Unfamiliar Road

Have you ever gone walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood? At the start of the walk everything is new and interesting but after a few feet in and with every new twist and turn you realize you have no idea where you are, but still, you keep walking. With every turn you feel more lost, youContinue reading “Walking The Unfamiliar Road”

When the Math Doesn’t Add Up

Feature Image: The Atlantic Today my husband and I went to the track to get in a few laps. Normally when I walk, I track my performance on my Apple watch, and I also count on my fingers and keep a mental check in my head. These past few weeks, for a competition I’m in,Continue reading “When the Math Doesn’t Add Up”

Reclaiming Spaces

The Corona virus stormed into our lives over 3 years ago and literally sucked the very breath out of us. With classrooms and boardrooms cancelled, concerts and Sunday services cancelled, celebrations and gatherings cancelled, life as we knew it cancelled, some of us went to bed every night wondering whether or not tomorrow too wouldContinue reading “Reclaiming Spaces”

Getting “Into the Weeds”

On March 31st, New York joined 15 other states to legalize Marijuana for recreational use. Now, call me old fashioned or maybe I haven’t fully grasped all the ramifications of having marijuana freely flowing through my state, but the idea of having a mind-altering drug being readily accessible to anyone who wants it as longContinue reading “Getting “Into the Weeds””

Learning to Say “Yes”

A group of ladies and I are reading Shonda Rhimes’ New York Times Bestselling Novel, “Year of Yes.” So far it has proven to be a very witty but powerful novel about self-reflection and change. To avoid revealing the story, I’ll just say this, Shonda relates how years of saying “no” to new engagements andContinue reading “Learning to Say “Yes””

Bloganuary #31 – Bloganuary Ends with Stars

Prompt: How do you feel when you look at the stars? Sorry, unfortunately for me, I feel nothing. I do have a few feelings about a certain Bloganuary Challenge that I would like to share so please lend me your ear. It all started with a wild ride, time machine less I might add, asContinue reading “Bloganuary #31 – Bloganuary Ends with Stars”

Bloganuary #30 – Me the Tree

Prompt: Describe Yourself as a Tree Me the Tree Would you dare compare me to a treeSo tall and majestic is that me Arms outstretched so glorious in the sunHalf a century of life so meaningfully done Nurtured and fed from a seedling it grewLife lessons learned to stay humble and true Roots go deep,Continue reading “Bloganuary #30 – Me the Tree”

Bloganuary #29 – Change One Step at a Time

Prompt: How are you changing the world? We all change this world daily through the choices we make and the things we do or do not do. We change the world when we vote in general elections to choose our leaders to make the rules and represent our country.We change the world when we takeContinue reading “Bloganuary #29 – Change One Step at a Time”

Bloganuary #28 – What’s Got Your Ear?

Prompt: What’s on Your Playlist Right Now? These days Anne Murray has my full attention. I’ve always loved her and other artists from that genre of music, but last year I found this playlist with a wide variety of her songs ranging from country to religious to just some plain good ole heart felt loveContinue reading “Bloganuary #28 – What’s Got Your Ear?”