Countdown to Christmas – Day 1

Yeah, it’s Christmas Eve! There’s only one day left before it’s Christmas Day. Today my husband gets the #1 countdown spot. Selecting him as the feature for today’s countdown came naturally to me. Besides the fact that we go way back over forty something years and he’s one of the best human beings I know,Continue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 1”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 2

Today we’re only 2 days away from Christmas, ONE, TWO. It’s Christmas Eve’s Eve. I’ve gone from counting houses to chocolate, Kwanzaa to Christmas and numerous others in between, and now I find myself searching for that feature most worthy of this number two countdown spot. When I think about some of the times whenContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 2”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 3

Now there are only 3 days left before Christmas and today I’m counting up my 3 sons. My sons are a blessing and a gift to me and my husband at Christmas time and every other day of the year. So, today I truly give to you our three imperfectly perfect sons whom we loveContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 3”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 5

Today is the 5th day before Christmas and because it’s the best of times and the worst of times, 4 days ago I featured nine of my favorite Christmas songs, and today I truly give to you the 5 I have deemed to be the worst. 01 – Christmas Tree – Lady Gaga Shame onContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 5”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 6

Now we’re halfway through the countdown and today we are just 6 days away from Christmas. So, today on this 6th day before Christmas, I truly give to you 6 flowers and plants that are popular during Christmas time. Now I know we all love our flowers and plants. Around this time, we start hangingContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 6”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 7

We are now 7 days away from Christmas, and today the countdown is featuring Kwanzaa. Kwanzaa is an African American holiday celebrating family, community, and culture and is celebrated for seven days, beginning the day after Christmas. There are seven candles of Kwanzaa and three official colors: 3 red, 1 black and 3 green. EachContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 7”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 8

Today is the 8th day before Christmas and we’re counting on New York. Yes, New York City “concrete jungle where dreams are made of.” I’m a NYC girl and believe me when I tell you, our city never sleeps. Every year millions of people, both locals and tourists alike, travel to Manhattan to see theContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 8”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 9

Today we are 9 days away from Christmas and if you ask me, “it’s the most wonderful time of the year” for a Christmas song countdown. Today on the 9th day before Christmas I truly give to you, 9 of my favorite Christmas songs in order of preference, starting from my favorite to my mostContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 9”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 10

Today is the 10th day before Christmas and my head is filled with “sugar and spice and everything nice”. Christmas is like a gift box of chocolate, sweet, surprising, and chock-full of goodness. After running all over town to bring you yesterday’s 11 decorated houses, today we’re slowing the pace down to counting chocolates beforeContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 10”

Countdown to Christmas – Day 11

T’was the 11th day before Christmas and all through the town, houses were decorated and begging to be counted down. Decorating houses for Christmas is a tradition that began in Germany in the 16th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees into their homes. Today the tradition continues, and decorations have extended not only insideContinue reading “Countdown to Christmas – Day 11”