Bloganuary #20 – Just Some of My Favorite Pics

Today’s Prompt: “What is the favorite photo you’ve ever taken?” Holy cow, I’ve taken so many photos over the years this is going to be hard to choose? Before smart phones I used to travel around with my camera because I love, love taking pictures and it was during that time that I took theContinue reading “Bloganuary #20 – Just Some of My Favorite Pics”

Bloganuary #4 – Favorite Childhood Toy

You ask what’s my favorite childhood toy? Can’t say I remember having one. The poem below captures childhood memories. When Nature Calls By Me As a child I never had a favorite toy, I ran and played with girls and boys. What toys we had were built from scraps and we nursed homemade dolls uponContinue reading “Bloganuary #4 – Favorite Childhood Toy”